Storms – Part 3

Whatever comes from God carries with it a lesson, or lessons, to learn.


Nahum 1:3 – The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.



Today we consider the storm (flood) of Noah further.  These elements are vitally important to our understanding of this kind of storm.  Be sure to add these elements to those of the previous Second Miler as points of identifying reference when a storm of this nature arises.

  1. God intends for you to learn in your journey, before, during, and after the storm.  There were things God revealed to Noah (and his family) in this scenario.  He revealed His authority over creation (remember the animals that came into the ark).  He revealed His great love for all people, and His great salvation for those who would follow Him.  He revealed that He knew the end from the beginning, for He had a plan that was already fully established.  God leaves nothing of His planning to chance.  If God says it, that settles it.  When God plans to build, He provides a blueprint.
  2. There would be labor involved.  And sometimes, labor means hardships to endure.  In the Scriptures, we are called “co-laborers” with God.  God is our complete source, but He does not do all the work.  God did not build the ark.  That was a 120-year labor of obedience by Noah and his sons.  And while they were building the ark, imagine what the people around them were saying.  No one had EVER BEFORE done anything like this.  Noah’s task was NOT an easy one, filled with exuberance and landslide revival when he preached righteousness.

Now let’s put it all together.  Noah heard instructions from God to do something no one had ever before done.  It involved him and his entire family.  Before him was 120-years of labor; hard labor.  Before him was 120-years of preaching righteousness; a message no one who was alive at the flood, other that his family, heeded.  (Just as a note here – I wonder how many ministers today would continue to preach righteousness as Noah did with such little response, all the while doing the manual labor of building the ark.  He could not be easily discouraged.)  He had to trust God concerning all those animals; imagine the enormity of the task of supplying the ark with all that was needed for themselves and the animals.  And then, there was the flood and its aftermath; more than a year in the ark, following which Noah and his family were commissioned with “multiplying and replenishing the earth.”  More work and responsibility.  But in it all, Father was completely faithful, supplied every need, always kept them safe, and showed His love for them.  Yes, there was a great storm, but in that great storm, there was a secure and blessed “shelter in the storm.”

Manna for Today – Nahum 1:1-3; Genesis 6:1-22; Johan 1:1-17; Job 1:1-22; Romans 8:14-28;               2 Corinthians 10:13