Storms – Part 4

Have you ever gotten out of line with God’s will for your life?


Nahum 1:3 – The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.



We find our example of this storm in the book of Jonah.  Once again, I am sure you are familiar with the story.  God calls Jonah to a certain task, Jonah doesn’t want to obey, so he flees from God’s call.  But in this case, God will not call another, so He deals with Jonah.  And it was in that dealing with Jonah that we encounter the kind of storm God sends to arrest you.  Let’s consider its identifying characteristics of an Arresting Storm.

  1. It is God’s creation, NOT mans
  2. There will be a “transporter,” a “carrier;” in Jonah’s case, a great fish
  3. The “carrier/transporter” will first bring you to a place of repentance
  4. The “carrier/transporter” will bring you to a new starting place
  5. That does not mean you will like what you’re called to do
  6. There can be a waiting time between arrest and arrival – make it a transformation period, or a time for greater transformation

When you encounter a storm in your life, take the following actions.

  1. Ask yourself if you are moving/operating in the will of the Lord
  2. If not, look for an “arrester/carrier/transporter”
  3. If you perceive a potential “arrester/carrier/transporter,” ask if it is bringing you to repentance
  4. Keep your eyes open for fresh opportunity, a new starting point, a new launching pad
  5. Commit to obedience, whether you like the task ahead or not
  6. Be patient in any transformational time
  7. Make the best use of that time
  8. Prepare, read, study, fast, pray, bless others

Often, you may already be aware that you are avoiding, if not opening running from what God wants you to do.  If He has called you, and you are running, expect a storm, uncooperative people, and a great fish.  If God wants to use you, you should consider it as great an honor as you could receive.  Father is willing to set you forth, equip you, trust you, empower you, and release you for a work He considers important enough to give Jesus to prepare you for it.  Get up, get out of the bed, get off the couch, get dressed, wash your face, go to work, and be on time.  There may be a ticking clock; time may be short.  Just remember, look for the indicators I’ve listed.  If God is out to arrest you, stop resisting.  Go peacefully.

Manna for Today – Nahum 1:1-3; Genesis 6:1-22; Johan 1:1-17; Job 1:1-22; Romans 8:14-28;               1 Samuel 15:22-23