You Talking to Me? – Part 55

Sometimes, a “You talking to me?” requires immediate action.


Genesis 1:3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 21, 24, 26, & 28 – And God said . . .


It was February, 2001.  I was leading a ministry team of about 50 people on what would ultimately become a school of ministry in the Region sur Grande in Arequipa, Peru.  Our first trip was a very ambitious one.  We had a cardio-thoracic surgeon, additional medical personnel, construction people, youth and children’s workers, and several ministers who would be conducting evening and Sunday services around the region.  It seemed we were extremely busy with ministry almost every waking moment.  During one of our evening tent crusade meetings in which one of our team spoke, we were praying for people at the close of the service.  Outside the tent it was raining lightly.  We were not aware that the water from the rain had run down the inside aluminum tent pole and was causing electrical current from a 220-volt line to surge to the ground.  A man came in from the outside, mostly out of curiosity at that point in time.  He was not a Christian.  He had walked over beside the main tent pole, and as men are wont to do from time to time, stood there with his arm extended to prop against the pole.  But, with the electrical current flowing, he was unsuccessful.  Instead, the electrical current struck him, spun him around the pole twice, and with his weight, he was flung several feet from the pole, lying on the ground motionless.  The surgeon who traveled with us, and a number of medical personnel from the local hospital gathered around the body, and in a few moments simply backed away.  There was nothing they could do.  The next morning, when asked why he did not perform CPR, he said that when the heart is stopped by electrical current, the only way to restart it is with more controlled electrical current.

When he was electrocuted, I heard several cries that, to my American ear, sounded like someone was saying “miracle, miracle.”  I learned later that they were calling for medical assistance.  When I turned to look, I saw the doctor and his companions standing over the man, but taking no action.  That’s when Holy Spirit spoke to my heart saying, “Death cannot have him.  Go lay your hands on him and command him to live.”  For a brief moment, I looked around to see if someone else had heard that command.  I was having a “You talking to me?” moment.  But just as quickly, I realized the Lord was indeed talking to me.  I obeyed His voice, laying hands on that dead body.  About 10 seconds later, his chest suddenly rose and fell as he began to breathe.  If a few minutes he was on his feet, and within a few more minutes, he was confessing Jesus as his Lord.  You see, it doesn’t take long in hell to convince a man he needs Jesus. And when God is talking to you, it doesn’t take long to realize it.

Manna for Today – Genesis 1; Psalm 119:89; Proverbs 4:20-23; Mark 11:22-26; Romans 3:4

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