You Talking to Me? – Part 57

Has God ever been so specific about something that you asked, “You talking to me?


Genesis 1:3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 21, 24, 26, & 28 – And God said . . .


The year was 2000.  It was about mid-year and I was attending the District Council of the Assemblies of God in North Carolina in which I served as Piedmont Sectional Presbyter.  I was fighting a physical battle that ultimately lasted 13 weeks.  I don’t intend this writing to be so vividly personal, but in some testimonies we need to be specific.  The battle I was fighting was with hemorrhoids.  I had seen my doctor about it, and he had recommended surgery.  They were extensive, and extremely painful.  I was battling a daily pain that was so intense, there were times I could not function normally. 

In the District Council, the paid was so intense that I wept during an ordination service as I laid my hands on three different minsters who served in my section.  Most of the folks around me thought I was being moved by the emotion of the hour, but it was from the horrible pain I was suffering.  But on that evening, despite the battle with pain, I knew in my heart that Father had the answer.  I was holding fast to my profession of faith without wavering.  I was calling myself the healed, and I was determined that nothing would take that from me.  Keep in mind that I had suffered this pain for about 11 weeks at that time.  I was daily coming to the throne of grace, obtaining mercy that kept me going, and searching for the grace to achieve total victory.

Two weeks later I was on my way home from my church office when I distinctly heard the voice of the Lord say one word to me.  When He spoke that word, I was stunned, and immediately responded in my thoughts, “You talking to me?”  And just as suddenly as that thought came, there was a confirmation as the Lord spoke the same word to me again.  The word was “Metamucil.”  I stopped at the first pharmacy I saw, went inside, and purchased a large container of Metamucil.  I drove home and proceeded to take my first dose.  By the time I took my second dose the next day, there was already a marked relief from the pain.  By the third dose, the pain was gone, and has remained gone since that point in time.  I have been examined by my doctor on numerous occasions, and no sign of hemorrhoids has been found.  I needed a healing.  But Father knew that the cause of my problem was a lack of fiber in my diet.  He further knew He could heal me, but without the fiber, the condition would return.  My relief was so sudden that I knew it was the hand of God, but it was in a “You talking to me?” moment that I learned how to procure my healing for that time.  A natural remedy to provoke supernatural results.  It can and does happen.  Listen!  The Lord could be talking to you today.

Manna for Today – Genesis 1; Psalm 119:89; Proverbs 4:20-23; Mark 11:22-26; Romans 3:4

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