You Talking to Me? – Part 58

Even when it is expected, a word from the Lord can evoke a “You talking to me?” moment.


Genesis 1:3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 21, 24, 26, & 28 – And God said . . .


I love it when the Lord speaks to my heart, informing me in great detail about what He is going to do at some point in the future.  When I served as Pastor to New Life Church of Winston-Salem for 28 years, I would often be invited by other ministers to come minister for them in their pulpits.  Whenever that happened, and especially if it was out of town, I would always have my wife, or a leader of our church (sometimes two or three) accompany me to that location.  I asked that of them to be sure I was being fully accountable, and that my testimony was protected.  On one such occasion, I had two trusted board members and my music director (one of board member’s wife) travel with me to another city for an evening of ministry.  All of them served as my accountability partners, and my music director would be singing in the meeting.

As one board member drove, I sat in the back seat reading, praying in the Spirit, and meditating.  Suddenly my eyes were opened to a short but powerful word of wisdom in a vision.  In my vision, I saw a lovely lady, slender, well-dressed in a very nice blue dress, having had her hair recently done, and wearing a beautiful necklace that was very tasteful in its appearance.  There seemed to be nothing wrong with her, but the Lord said to me, “Her healing will come tonight.  When you see you, tell her, and then lay your hands on her.”  The vision ended as abruptly as it began.  In my mind I immediately wondered, “You talking to me?”   It was so vivid that I asked my music director, “Did you see that?  Did you hear that?”  Her response was “No” to both questions.  But I could tell that she was aware of something happening in the spirit. 

I described what I saw to her as we continued on to our destination.  Upon our arrival, we were greeted warmly by one of the church holts and escorted to the pastor’s study.  He greeted us and we chatted briefly.  He led my travel companions to the sanctuary, and I remained in his office to pray quietly, all the while remembering the vision.  After the service began, and my minister of music had ministered in song, she came and sat between her husband and me.  She whispered to me, “She’s here,” and gestured respectfully to the pew behind us.  There sat the lady I has seen in my vision, dressed exactly as I had seen and shared.  At the close of the service, as I ministered to her, the pastor came to my side and told me that this woman was his wife, and that what I said to her was completely accurate.  Oh, and she received here healing.  I am so thankful that my God was talking to me.

Manna for Today – Genesis 1; Psalm 119:89; Proverbs 4:20-23; Mark 11:22-26; Romans 3:4