Turning “Led” to Gold – Part 1

Before you use a word, make sure you know what it truly means.


Isaiah 1:19 – If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.


Have you ever heard the words “alchemy” or “alchemist?”  If you have, the context probably connected them to a supposed ability to transform one substance into another, such as lead into gold.  While it is believed that atomic structure can be changed, the resources and energy necessary to do so is enormous, and realistically beyond natural ability.

But the terms “alchemy” and “alchemist” are far older than the terms “chemistry” or “chemist.”  The actual definition of “alchemy” is the practice of transforming some essential element into a superior form.  Only later in its use did it take on the meaning of the work of transforming lead into gold, a desire for personal gain; what the Scriptures call “the love of money,” being the root of all evil.

However, make no mistake about it, in the hands of God, the transformation, or transmutation, of one element (of life) to another (better, more useful, blessed) life element, such transformation is, in fact, the norm.  It’s not about chemistry, but about the transforming power of God’s Word through the action of Holy Ghost.  As a Christian, you are a prime example of that very work.  As a human, made in the image of God, but subject to the whims and desires of the flesh, as well as a child of Satan, you were a sinner.  But God, through the work of the blood of Jesus, the Word of God, and the manifest presence and power of Holy Ghost, has transformed you into His Own child, a Christian, a joint-heir with Jesus.  Father has taken an element of life and transformed it into a better, more useful, blessed, and holy element of life, and that element is you.

In today’s Second Miler, I have shared the foundational elements for what must be in place for the believer to live a life representing the will of Father for His children as set forth in 3 John 2.  There we read that it is Father’s highest will and greatest pleasure for you, His child, to “prosper and be in health.”  Much has been written on this topic, some good and accurate, some not so accurate, and some blatantly wrong.  Before going any further in your reading, it will be necessary for you to make the decision, if you have not already done so, that God’s Word is absolutely true, settled forever in heaven, and thereby allowing it to be settled forever in your heart and mind.  My friend, if God said it, that settles it!

Manna for Today – Isaiah 1; 3 John 2; Exodus 13:18; Exodus 15:13-18; Isaiah 48:21-22; Romans 8:14; Isaiah 55:11-13; Galatians 5:16-26; Ephesians 4:8; 1 Peter 1:7