Turning “Led” into Gold – Part 5

If ever there was a time when God’s people need to learn how to be led, it is now. 

The Scriptures are our primary source of leadership in this present life.  If you don’t know the Word of God, how can you be sure of the voice of the Lord; in leading you through any other means?  It is the entrance of the Word of God into your heart that brings the light of wisdom, understanding, and ultimately revelation knowledge.  Any diligent study of the Word will reveal the will of God demonstrated again and again by a pattern He has established. 

God already knows the end from the beginning.  He does NOT test His people to see what they will do in certain situations.  He already knows that . . . He is God.  What God wants from His people is that we learn well how to be led so we can become the kind of leaders He needs in the hour in which we live.  He has shown us this pattern again and again.  Think of this . . .

  • What leader would be great enough to lead Israel after the exit of a prophet so great as Moses?  It was the man who was led by Moses for 40 years from his exit from Egypt to his entry into the Promised Land.  It was Joshua.
  • Who could even begin to ascend the throne of King David, a man after God’s Own heart?  It was the man who happened to be David’s son; one who had grown up watching God’s first choice for King of Israel.  It was Solomon.
  • Consider the great prophet Elijah.  Who could ever be considered to take his place as what was surely the primary prophet in Israel?  It could only be someone who had heard the call of God, responded to that call, followed Elijah (in this case for seven years), learning to be led by the man of God so he could ultimately by led by the God of the man, Elijah.

My friend, leaders are born every day.  The real question is will they develop into the leader God planned for them to be?  They don’t just come on the scene and suddenly manifest high level leadership skills.  They must first learn; learn to be led, learn the skills of leadership, learn to submit themselves to Godly leaders, learn to follow through with instructions, and follow the Lord with a “willing and obedient” heart.  Such a person will be used by the Lord in powerful ways.  Whether it is as a Daniel who only prophesied about five times, or an Isaiah who saw the Lord high and lifted up at the death of Uzziah.  If you rise to the standards shown us in God’s pattern, get ready to be used.

Manna for Today – Isaiah 1; 3 John 2; Exodus 13:18; Exodus 15:13-18; Isaiah 48:21-22; Romans 8:14; Isaiah 55:11-13; Galatians 5:16-26; Ephesians 4:8; 1 Peter 1:7

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