Take a Walk – Part 3

You might find it good to walk where you intend to (re)build.

Time to Rebuild

Nehemiah 2:12 – And I arose in the night, I and some few men with me; neither told I any man what my God had put in my heart to do at Jerusalem: neither was there any beast with me, save the beast that I rode upon.

(As we begin today, allow me to preface my writing with this note.  Reading through Nehemiah 2:14, you will discover that while Nehemiah began his inspection, likely riding a donkey, he soon came to a point where he had to walk.)  Nehemiah found himself tasked by a burden from the Lord with an enormous work and responsibility.  The walls of Jerusalem were in a terrible condition.  War, disrepair, and lack of attention had left many placed totally broken, others easily breachable, and gates damaged and even destroyed. 

God’s people were in bondage, and surrounded by many enemies who were themselves, servants to those who held God’s people in captivity.  But in the midst of all that, God gave great favor to Nehemiah who served the Persian king, Artaxerxes, and he was permitted, one could even say, commissioned by Artaxerxes to return to Jerusalem and begin the work of restoration of the city of God.  While Nehemiah was obedient, he still found himself surrounded by enemies to his work.  And those enemies, Sanballat the Horonite, Tobiah the Ammonite, and Geshem the Arabian, diligently worked and conspired to make that task anything but easy, and if they were able by some means, impossible. 

They devised every plan they could to stop the work, and especially when they viewed what looked like a hopeless situation, ridiculed and laughed to scorn the people of God.  But let us not forget the great benefits of taking a walk.  Though he began by riding, Nehemiah ended up walking about the destruction of Jerusalem, observing closely the states of damage and ill-repair, and making the determinations of what was needed in supplies, as well as in the workforce that the task at hand could be well-performed.

There are times in our life when we need to take a walk through that which the enemy has tried to destroy.  We need to make an accurate assessment of what is right and wrong, what is sound and what it damaged, what needs to be kept, what needs to be removed, and what needs to be repaired.  It is at such moments that our enemy will do all he can to discourage us, dismay us, rob us of our faith and enthusiasm, and cast us into the oblivion of mockery and shame.  My friend, an accurate assessment of where you are in your journey, work, ministry, and life is not a lack of faith, but an opportunity to place your faith firmly in God, speak the truth, and regardless of what is before us, declare the words of Nehemiah from Nehemiah 2:20, saying, “The God of heaven, He will prosper us: therefore, we, His servants will arise and build; but you (our enemieshave no position, nor right, nor memorial in Jerusalem (that which we are building in God’s Kingdom).  Take a walk, my friend.

Manna for Today – Psalm 1:1-6; 1 John 1:7-9; Nehemiah 2:1-20