And About That Withered Hand

A “withered hand” can be so well hidden, no one knows it’s there.

Text for Today – Luke 6:6-10 – . . . stretch forth thy hand.

Just what is it, if anything, that is keeping you from serving the Lord with all your might?  What is it that keeps you from being as fully effective in life, profession, and ministry as you could and should be?  It’s that “withered hand.”  “But I don’t have a withered hand,” you say.  Oh, but if you’re not serving the Lord to your fullest potential, you do.  It could be any sickness that prevents your full service to the Lord.  It could be a grief you have allowed to overtake you.  It could be loss of vision, lack of knowledge (both spiritual and natural), lack of skill (training), or it could be plain old lack of commitment.  Why, it could even be sin that you are hiding like you would a “withered hand.”

Dear friend, It’s time to hear the Word of the Lord and “stretch forth your hand.”  Not for public scrutiny, but so that it may be made whole.  Go ahead!  Put it out there for the Word to work on it.  Expose it to the light of the Word.  The glorious light of the Word doesn’t just push darkness back, but rather engulfs the darkness, consumes it, until only light remains.  God wants you whole, spirit, soul, and body, so He can use ALL of you.  So, go ahead!  Stretch forth your hand right now!  Keep it before the Word so your full strength can be yielded to Him.

A final thought: allow Holy Spirit to shine the light of the Word on every area of your life.  When you find those places I have called a “withered hand,” don’t wait for a single moment.  Remember, God wants you whole.  His power will change you.  Let it work mightily in your life today, and every day.  Jesus healed the man with the withered hand on the Sabbath.  I suppose He could have waited until the next day, but He didn’t.  Jesus wants the same thing for you today, right now, so don’t put it off a single moment.  Stretch forth your hand, and be made whole today!  It makes no difference that others may be watching.  It makes no difference what others may think or believe.  Jesus, our Lord and Savior Who NEVER changes, is calling for you to “stretch forth your hand.”  And as He calls, He awaits your response.  Choose obedience to the Word over the shame of being judged by the world.  Obedience is better than the sacrifice of shame.  So, once again, “stretch forth your hand,” and let the celebration begin.

Manna for Today – Psalm 107:20; 3 John 2; Proverbs 4:20-23; Matthew 8:17; Psalm 103:1-3;         Isaiah 55:11

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