Ability Seeks Authority

The talents and gifts you have from God were not given to be hidden, but used powerfully.

Text for Today – Acts 1:8 – . . . you shall receive power (ability) after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you . . .    (parentheses are mine)

The title of our Second Miler today speaks to every arena of life.  Executives move from company to company seeking advances in position and mobility.  Athletes move from team to team seeking playing time, more fame, and greater salaries.  Employees will move from department to department seeking better positions and benefits.  Professors move from university to university seeking funding for their research, positions of authorship, and tenure.  Career military seek to move from post to post seeking experience and advancement in rank.  Such movement takes place in society, human relationships, and every professional community.  People constantly try to use their ability (talent, skill, giftings) to increase their authority and gain advantageous positions to use it.. 

To exercise ability without authority is, at its best, out of order, is likely insubordinate, and can cost a person both position and reputation.  It can, in fact, be dangerous, and even destructive.

God will not, in this age, force His authority upon you.  It must be willingly embraced.  But once you willing embrace His authority (what He has said about you), you become a target for even greater ability (what He can do through you).  Any anointing the Lord has placed in your life is the authority to walk in it.  That anointing will teach you, and impart wisdom and knowledge to you about that anointing.  As you prepare yourself and exercise the authority of anointing, Holy Ghost will search for you (the eyes of the Lord running throughout the earth, seeking those to whom He can show Himself mighty), and bringing God’s ability TO DO upon your God-given authority to receive it.

What is it that God has placed in your heart that you are to do for Him?  If God had placed it there, that is His authority to carry it out.  If He placed it there, He will make a place for you to use that anointing to serve Him.  But He won’t force you to use it.  Make yourself and your anointing(s) available to Him today.  When you make your God-given anointing, with its accompanying authority, available to Him He will make His ability available to you.  Keep in mind that this is God’s pattern.  For example, it was in the years of Joshua following Moses, Elisha following Elijah, and the disciples following Jesus that they grew in skill, wisdom, and knowledge their anointing (and its incumbent authority) brought to them.  And it was due to that growth that the power (ability) of God was manifest through them.  God longs to manifest His glorious power through His church.  For that He seeks anointed vessels that are yielded to Him as release points for His power.  Be one of those points where ability finds authority.

Manna for Today – Psalm 18:34; Joshua 1:5-9; Judges 13-16 (Samson); 2 Samuel 23:2; Zechariah 4:6; Acts 10:38