More Vision Than You Think

The source of one’s vision can make all the difference.

Text for Today – Proverbs 29:18 – Where there is no vision, the people perish . . .

Regardless of what we may think with our too-often religiously influenced mind, the Word of God is absolutely true.  If as few people had vision as our religious thinking tells us, our population would be drastically reduced: perished from a lack of vision.  Sadly, far too many people have a vision that is allowing them to die more slowly than the person with no vision at all.  When such in the case, people become liabilities instead of assets in life.  True vision should bring life, victory, and blessing, not simply a slowed journey to death.

The fact is, most people have vision.  It may not be written by their own hand, but they do have a vision.  For many in the world, and sadly the church, too, the only vision they possess is one of captivity, sickness, debt, and defeat.  The diagnosis of the doctor, or the contractual documents placing them in debt is the only vision they have, and someone else wrote it for them.  Many people have never seen themselves having anything of substantial worth without debt.  Their vision is debt.  For others, they have an illness in their body that the doctor has said is incurable; that’s his written diagnosis.  Their vision is one of lifelong illness, and perhaps a shortened life.  In both scenarios, and in other life them, Satan is all to willing to help them have that vision fully manifest.

The fact is that the church must have a greater, more powerful, more fruitful, and more productive vision than it has traditionally held.  It MUST be a vision worth running toward, fighting for, and investing in to see it come to pass.  Just as the church must have such a vision, so should the individual believer.  Take a moment and reflect today on your vision.  Is it worth running toward with all your strength, fighting for to the death, and the full investment of your life?  Is it bigger than you?  Is it one worthy of being touched and blessed by the Lord?  If not, change it.  Begin today, and change it.  Let the light of God’s Word illuminate your path in re-creating a God-given, truly worthy vision; one worthy of the most prized possession God has; YOU!  If you will grasp how valuable you are to the Lord Jesus Christ, you will surely take the time to make sure the vision for your life rises from that same Christ. 

Manna for Today – Habakkuk 2:1-3; John 3:16; Deuteronomy 30:19-20

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