Conquer the Conquered

What makes the fight of faith a good fight is that your enemy has already been totally defeated.

Text for Today – Hebrews 9:26 – For then must He often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once in the end of the world hath He appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself.

2+2=4.  That is a mathematical fact.  No amount of thinking, reasoning, debate, emotional outburst, dreams and visions, psychic readings, sessions with a guru, or anything like that can that that fact.  In fact, it is a mathematical law that 2+2=4.  Just imagine the intellectual and educational battle you would encounter by trying to cause the world to release its embrace on that equation.

If we can understand that such a natural law cannot be changed, why can we not seem to understand that the laws of God hold an even higher priority, and area themselves immutable?  God doesn’t change, and neither does His Word, regardless of the circumstances we encounter with our physical  senses each day.

Our Text for Today states very clearly the offering of Jesus was to “put away sin.”  Can we not accept that statement from God’s Word?  Regardless of the battles we face, Jesus has already “put away sin.”  Regardless of the number of temptations that come your way daily, Jesus has already “put away sin.”  Regardless of how many times you  yielded to temptation last week, Jesus has already “put away sin.”  Regardless of how weak and helpless you feel in the presence of temptation, and the sin it can produce, Jesus has already “put away sin.”  Regardless of how often you may have stumbled and fallen, Jesus has already “put away sin.”  And what makes it so glorious is that HE has done so once and for all, or as out Text for Today says, “now once in the end.”

And what is the conclusion of the matter?  Stop fighting against the winner.  Cease to speak and act contrary to the Word of God by speaking and acting as if sin has any power over you.  Go to the Word, embrace its truth above all else, meditate upon it for a victorious walk and success, and live a life of faith that simply conquers what has already been conquered.  Don’t fight the winner (God and His Word).  Instead, conquer the conquered (Satan and sin).

Manna for Today – Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8; Romans 6:1-14; Joshua 1:7-8