A Divinely Directed Path

There is no safer place to be than walking where God directs, regardless of circumstances.

Text for Today – Proverbs 3:6 – In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

For a number of years, I had a horse I stabled near my home.  I loved to ride.  He was my “day-off therapy.”  Out riding, all alone, except for Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and of course, my horse, thinking can be clear and unimpeded.  No intrusive telephone calls, no drop-ins to my office, no distractions, and I could truly relax.  Still, on those occasions when I rode where I had never gone before, the ride was always more pleasant if I were riding with someone who knew the trail, the terrain, and what to expect.  one of the joys of riding was arriving at my intended destination without problem or injury.

Whenever I travel on the road, I like to have my directions clearly and precisely established.  Once again, I like to arrive at my intended destination.  My foundational thought in all I do, wherever I travel, is our Text for TodayProverbs 3:6.  Whether for ministry, work, or leisure, I relay on the Lord as my primary travel guide.  I acknowledge the Lord in ALL things, not just those things that appear obviously spiritual.

You see, when the work of redemption by Jesus at Calvary took place, His work covered my whole life.  He redeemed all of me, not part of me.  I belong to Him totally.  It is His will that I prosper and be in health in every arena of life.  He has already declared that He has made me victorious in every arena of life.  There are good works waiting for me every day of my life for me to perform.  It is as if they have my name of them, and they are waiting for me to walk in them.  How better  to walk in them than to allow Him Who has placed them before me, and desires to lead me to them?  When He directs my path, I cannot help but succeed.  When He leads, I win every time.  When He leads, all my paths are well lighted.  When He leads, I prosper in all to which I put my hands.  When He leads, I am more than a conqueror, living and walking a divinely directly path.  As the songwriter penned, “Where He leads me, I will follow . . .  I’ll go with Him all the way.”

Manna for Today – Galatians 3:13-29; 3 John 2; Philippians 4:13; Ephesians 2:10; Romans 8:37;     Psalm 25:12

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