Back to the Handwriting

I much prefer God’s handwriting on my heart to His handwriting on any wall.

Text for Today – Daniel 5:25-28 – . . . MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN . . .

Our Text for Today were the Words of God to the Babylonians through the prophet Daniel.  It was the hand of God that wrote them upon the palace walls, it was Holy Spirit that gave the interpretation, and it was the prophet Daniel who spoke them into Babylonian destiny.

Today we live in what many call the dispensation of grace.  I understand that, and am grateful for it.  we have the Word of God, the Bible, in its completed written form, and for that I am equally grateful.  In that written Word of God, we are told that the Lord would replace His law written on tables of stone, and write them upon fleshly tables, or the tables of our hearts.  And once again, I am eternally grateful to the Lord for that blessing in our lives.

However, it seems that today we are moving away from the handwriting on the wall to type-set on a page with high tech sound and color on the LED screen.  These modern marvels of technology today, like the press of Gutenberg have served to open the world about us  to anyone who can access these marvels.  And in today’s world, I am amazed at how many people around the globe can access them.  I can tell you I’ve seen some amazing sights in many nations of our world where one would be completely taken aback by what is available to the general public.  And for all that, I am grateful, especially as it relates to the ease with which so many can access the Gospel.  With today’s technology, people can access more of God’s Word, more quickly, and with greater aids for understanding than ever in the history of man.  Yet, for too many, it seems less and less is known of the divine revelation of God’s Word to and for His people.  Many trust the laws of the land and the rules of men more than the hand of God.  We have especially seen that demonstrated over the past two years.

Let us not lay aside all the tools, helps, and technologies that can assist us to beautifully in potential growth in the Lord.  let us not forgo the assets and benefits that can assist our learning.  However, we need to move into a deeper relationship with the Author of Life and get all we can see, hear, and read beyond the screen of our eyes and the type-set of our minds and intellects.  Each of us needs repeated contact, interaction, and fellowship with He Who writes upon the wall, and especially the walls of our heart where His Law should be indelibly imprinted.  Let us seek for the handwriting on the wall of our hearts before we must be confronted with handwriting on the walls of our churches and homes.  How horrible it would be if the Lord had to inform us that we have been weighed in the balances and found wanting.  If we receive the handwriting on the walls of our hearts, the day will come when we hear His voice say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Manna for Today – Proverbs 3:1-10