What’s It Worth to You?

The value of a product is determined by the price one is willing to pay for it.  You were expensive!

Text for Today – Mark 8:36 – For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Imagine that you’re out shopping for what would be called a big-ticket item.  Perhaps  it is a major appliance, automobile, boat, or even a house.  While many things may attract you to or turn you form a particular product, the bottom line of your decision will usually be largely influenced by the price tag on the item.  If it is a new car, you already know that its value to the market drops the moment you drive it from the sales lot.  However, it’s not merely current dollar value that sells you on that car, but the service benefit you will receive through using it.  Simply put, to you, it will be worth what you paid for it, and in today’s market, could easily exceed $45,000.00.

You have a price tag on you, too.  You are a human being; a spirit given by the Lord with such care in its manufacture that the very hairs of your head are numbered.  You are supplied and equipped by your Maker with a certain set of talents, abilities, and giftings (or TAG for developing what you currently have and the skills to develop what you will acquire).  Our God, Who knows the end from the beginning, looked back from the final perspective, seeing the role you could play in His kingdom, and the blessings and benefits that He could bring to mankind through you.  Seeing that, knowing what He has prepared for you and place in you, He put a price tag on you.  That price tat was what He was willing to pay to make you His very Own possession.  In your case, that price tag read $ JESUS!  Please don’t be offended by my use of a dollar mark.  It simply makes the point that God paid Jesus to make you His.  If you had been the only person on the planet who would believe in Him and confess Jesus as Lord, it would still have taken that ransom price of Jesus paid-in-full  to purchase you.  Still, He paid the price.

Now, what’s that worth to you?  What does that make other people worth to you?  What does that make the love of Jesus worth to you?  With such an awesome price tag, you must be quite special to Him.  Don’t drop that treasure and damage it.  Fellow minister, you handle a precious product.  Don’t damage or mar it in any way.  Always remember to HANDLE WITH PRAYER!

Manna for Today – Matthew 16:26; Luke 9:25; Matthew 6; John 3:16 (Amplified Bible)