Preparation for Restoration

Read the book of Job.  Gain its insights.  Follow the patterns God reveals.  Receive answers.

Text for Today – Job 33:1 – Wherefore, Job, I pray thee, hear my speeches and hearken to all my words.

If you’re reading the book of Job, by the time to arrive to chapter 33, much has happened.  Satan has attacked Job and taken all but his life.    Job has been horribly misinformed by at least one of his servants.  Job’s friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, have come to comfort him, but their comfort quickly turned into castigation and attack.  And through it all, Job has found himself responding again and again with rebuttal against all the attacks.  All this has continued almost from the beginning of Satan’s attack on Job.

In chapter 32, a young man named Elihu speaks for the first time, and in our Text for Today, it becomes clear that he believes he has something vital to say.  Well, he did.  Our time today is not to examine all he said, but rather to examine the order in which events occurred from this point forward.  First, Elihu, the man of God spoke to Job.  When he finished, God spoke to Job.  When God finished, Job spoke to God.  When Job finally spoke what was right, God moved.

My friend, that is the scenario of today for the individual believer, and the church as a whole.  For too long, the believer has been battered by the enemy, listened to too many opinions from folks who really don’t know the truth, and tried to justify himself  against their words and ideas.  Stop that immediately!  It’s time for the believer (that’s you) and the church to hear from a man of God.  Get into a church where a true man of God is delivering the Word of God with power and revelation.  When you’ve heard from the true man of God, expect to hear from God.  you see, God always confirms His Word.  The man of God will bring you truth and revelation.  Then God will give you divine and very specific direction.

When that comes, it’s up to you to obey God.  Then it will be time for you to speak to God; it’s called prayer.  Read the whole story of Job.  When things are in order and you pray, God moves.  Too often, like Job, Christians talk AT God without knowledge of the truth, without understanding of what is truly happening, and without foundation for their faith.  But when the child of God gets things in proper order, receives knowledge of the truth, gain insight into what is really happening, and have their faith build soundly upon God’s Word, God hears and answers.  God turned Job’s captivity “when he prayed for his friends.”  And the latter end of Job was far better than he was at the beginning of the story.  So it can and will be for you.  Hear from the man of God. Hear from God,  Pray in faith, pleasing God.  God still moves for such prayer.  And your end, and the end for the church, will be far better than the beginning. 

Get ready!

Manna for Today – Job

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