A Place Called THERE

God wants you “THERE.”  Never settle for anywhere else.  ONLY “THERE.”

Text for Today – Exodus 33:21 – . . . Behold, there is a place by Me . . .

I encourage you to read the complete passage of Exodus 33:12-23 to give you an established setting from which to view our Text for Today.  See the whole story. Moses has asked to see the face of God, but God tells Him that to do so would be his own death warrant.  God does, however, make Moses and offer he can’t refuse.  God tells Moses He would put Moses in “A cleft of THE rock,” then cover him with His hand, pass by, and allow Moses to look on His back parts. 

Now note closely where “A cleft in THE rock is located.  I realize the word “there” may or may not signify a specific, known place.  I also realize the word “there”  in our Text for Today is in italics, indicating it was not in the original Hebrew language, but that does not lessen its meaning in today’s Second Miler.  When you read our Text for Today, read it as if you were saying to someone, “I live in Houston, Texas.”  You could just as easily take a map of Texas. Point out Houston, and say, “I live there.”  At that moment, Houston, Texas is a place called “there.”

Now understand the two articles used in this passage: the articles “A” and “THE.”  “A” is an indefinite article indicating many clefts with a given rock.  “THE” is a definite article indicating the existence of only one rock; and that rock is Jesus.  Each of us has a place, or a cleft, in Jesus.  We are all part of His body.  Our problems arise when we try to fill someone else’s cleft.  Or it oould be that we are simply not content to fill the one He has for us specifically.

Note one more thing before we conclude today.  God wanted to reveal His goodness to Moses.  In order for Moses to have God’s goodness revealed to him he had to be in that particular cleft of THE rock that God had designed just for him.  Are you where God wants you today?  Or are you trying to fit into someone else’s place?  Or are you simply wandering about, discontent by not having found your place?  Don’t worry about finding it.  Seek God, and He’ll show you where it is, and even put you in it, if you’ll just let Him.  Always remember, “THERE” is a place God has just for you that is by Him where He will cover you with His hand.  There is no better place to be than “THERE.”

Manna for Today – Exodus 33:12-23; 2 Chronicles 7:11-20; Deuteronomy 28:1-15; Genesis 17

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