Greater Than His Name?

Above His Name there is no other.  ONLY His Word is more magnified.

Text for Today – Psalm 138:2 – I will worship toward Thy holy Temple, and praise Thy Name for Thy lovingkindness and for Thy Truth: for Thou hast magnified Thy Word above all Thy Name.

Oh, what a glorious Name, the Name of Jesus!  He is Lord Advocate General of the church.  He is Healer, Deliverer, Provider, Messiah, and Savior.  Hallelujah, He is my elder Brother, and with Him I am a joint-heir.  Above His Name there is NO other.  There is no other name given under heave by which we must be saved.  At the mention of His Name, every knee must bow, of beings in heaven, in earth, and under the earth.  In that Name is all authority.  In that Name we cast our devils.  In that Name the sick are healed.  And He has given us absolute power of attorney to use that Name to carry out His will in this present life.  Wow!  That’s awesome!

However, as great and exalted as His Name is, there is yet something more exalted.  I am sure you’ve heard the expression, “A man’s word is his bond.”  If anyone understands that statement, it is our Lord.  Though heaven and earth pass away, His Word will never pass away.  He hastens His Word to perform it.  Of course, we must keep in mind that Jesus and His Word are One.  Read John 1:1.  There you will see that God and the Word are One.  Read further, and you will see that it was the Word that became flesh.  Jesus was the fleshly manifestation of the Word of God.  Now you and I are part of His body.  We are His personal representation in the earth today.  To that end, we should strive with all that is in us to be men and women of the Word.

And there is more good news to share about that.  If we are people of the Word, when God hastens His Word to perform it, when He  confirms His Word with signs following, He does so, working through us as members of His body, His personal ambassadors, speaking for Him with His authority in the earth.  So, my friend, go to the Word, read the Word, study the Word, believe the Word, obey the Word, live the Word, speak the Word, and let nothing contrary to the Word proceed from your mouth.  God will uphold you, and will confirm His Word from your mouth with signs following.  Now that’s really living!  He will manifest His Word that He has magnified above His Own Name in your personal life. 

Manna for Today – Matthew 24:15; Hebrews 1:3; Isaiah 55:11; Joshua 1:8; Acts 4:12; John 1:1; Philippians 2:10