Come Out of Hiding

God didn’t make you to hide, but to shine.  So, shine!

Text for Today – Mark 5:28 – . . .If I may but touch His clothes . . .

What is it that is keeping you in hiding?  Many would say that the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5 had every legitimate reason for hiding.  She had a blood disease that, in Israel, was considered unclean.  To go into public without crying the warning “unclean, unclean,” was a stoning offense.  She had spent all the money she had on doctors and was in no way better.  Not only was she physically sick, she was now financially destitute, and being “unclean” made the whole situation even worse.

Consider with me, dear reader, that she found herself hiding behind an all-too-visible disease that had left her in this horrible situation.  What she would like to be hidden (the disease from which she suffered), was, indeed, not hidden, but was instead, visible and crippling to her life.  And all the while, she had to remain hidden.  This is the way it is with so many people today, including many Christians.  Sickness, disease, debt, poverty, failures and shame can all drive people to remain hidden.  They think they are only known by that living horror that holds them captive.  It makes no difference if that is true or not, what they think is holding the captive.  How about you?  Are you being held prisoner by your thinking about some issue of life?  It makes no difference what it is, Jesus wants you free.  He has paid the full price of redemption for your freedom.

But this woman with the issue of blood had hear about a man named Jesus.  She had heard that He was a healer, deliver, and forgiver, that He was the merciful Son of God.  So, to Him she came.  No long would she hide behind the disease.  No longer would she consider the disease and allow it to keep her in the dark.  First, she spoke her faith; “If I may but touch His clothes . . .”  Then she acted on what she had said, and came out of the darkness to seek light for herself.  The disease already had enough notoriety.  The disease did not need to come to the light.  She did.  And when she came to the light, she was set free, made whole, and delivered.

How about you?  What is keeping you in hiding?  Cease today from standing in the shadows of what holds you captive.  Come to the light of God’s Word.   Speak your faith.  Act on your faith.  You, too, can walk away free, whole, and delivered.  Don’t deny the existence of that thing that presently hold you prisoner, hiding you form the power of God.  Rather, put yourself in the light.  Enough people already know about your prison.  Press your way out from the darkness and into the light of Jesus.  Hear His Word.  Obey His Word.  Do His Word.  There is blessing awaiting you in the light, and there, in the light, you will begin to see the prison that held you for the lie of Satan that it truly was.  That lie of Satan, those shackles from which you are freed, that shadow of death, is already a defeated foe.  Sin and death have already been defeated.  Right now, before you take another step, determine to come out of hiding in the darkness and walk into the glorious light of liberty in Christ.

Manna for Today – Mark 5; 1 John 1:7; Psalm 119:45; Matthew 5:13-16