Waiting to Be Found

Learn these lessons about the battle you face and the refreshing that awaits you.

Text for Today – Judges 15:15 – And he found a new jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men therewith.

When 3,000 men from Judah came to Samson at the Rock of Etam, they came with an agenda for Samson, but no weapon.  They wanted Samson to allow them to bind him and deliver him to the Philistines at Lehi.  Samson agreed, with one stipulation; that the men of Judah would not fall on him themselves.  Lesson one is seen here; Samson understood that God would not empower him to destroy his brethren, but He would empower him to destroy the enemy.

When Samson, bound by his brethren, was delivered to the Philistines, they shouted against him.  That is when Holy Ghost came upon him.  His bonds were loosed, and Samson FOUND (accomplished a search) the jawbone.  Please not, all this happened after Holy Ghost came upon him.  That is to say that Holy Ghost came upon Samson’s anointing.  Lesson two is here; when you’re where you need to be, making available to God what He has given you, Holy Ghost will come on you, too.

Note, too, that God didn’t just drop the jawbone into Samson’s hands.  Samson had to look for it while under incredible the incredible pressure of 1,000 armed men seeking to kill him.  Here we see the third and fourth lessonsyou greatest spiritual weapons will be the ones you discover in your own search of God’s Word, AND, you really can trust God to keep you when you are where He wants you to be, ready to do what He wants you to do, regardless of apparent threats and dangers.

That jawbone was a NEW jawbone.  It still had teeth in it, and it was still weighty from its moisture content.  It’s like the revelation from God’s Word.  God’s Word always has teeth in it, and it is always weighty.   This became Samson’s weapon of deliverance.  So then, here is lesson fiveGod sent His Word, revelation knowledge, that is well able to accomplish His desired result, and bring about all necessary deliverance

When Samson had slain the Philistines, he cast the jawbone aside.  Exhausted, thinking he was about to die from thirst, he cried out to God, and God brought water from the jawbone for Samson’s refreshing.  Here, my friend, is lesson sixwhen a fresh revelation wins a victory for you, especially after a hard fight, don’t cast it aside.  The revelation that gained you victory will also be your source of refreshing to continue moving forward, healed, and refreshed.

I don’t know what you may be facing, but you can be assured that God has a jawbone waiting on you to discover it.  Take it up, use it, and hold on to it.  Learn these lessons from Samson’s encounter.  Father wants you to win every battle, to walk in love, live by faith, and come out of your personal Lehi refreshed.

Manna for Today – Judges 15; Ephesians 2:10; Psalm 107:20