Are you ready for the shaking that is coming?  You may need to shake yourself first.


Text for Today – Judges 16:20 – . . . And he (Samson) . . . said, I will go out as at other times before, and shake myself.


Let there be no thought of deception by using this passage.  Samson’s words arose from his encounters with Delilah, and this arose because of the three times she had questioned him for the secret of his supernatural strength.  And it was after this third attempt, when Samson had finally told here the secret of his strength, and his hair had already been cut.   What I want you to see is that after his hair was cut, Samson said, “I will go out as at other times before, and shake myself.”  It is apparent from his words that when he was confronted with this danger, he would “shake” himself, and Holy Spirit would come upon him.  That is the point of this devotion.

Have you ever shaken a bottle of soda (accidentally or deliberately) before opening it?  What happened?  You know the outcome.  The soda, under such awesome pressure to be released, seemed to literally explode in every possible direction.

When is the last time, dear reader, that you shook yourself?  The pressures of life all round you are great and increasing.  But what kind of power is waiting within you to be released?  Perhaps it is time you shook yourself, and brought yourself to a state of being awake and aware, not only of what is around you, but what you have on the inside.  Awake to the power of a living God.  Shake yourself out of your sleep, or your state of near slumber.  If Jesus is your Lord, and if you are filled with His Spirit, then the fullness of God is in you already.  Jesus said that if we would keep His Word, He and the Father would make Their abode in us, and we know we can be filled with His Spirit.

In short, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are resident inside you right now, awaiting the opportunity to explode into and overflow upon every arena of your life.  There is nothing of your life about which your Father is not watchful.  After the price he paid for you, can there be any doubt in your mind that your God is not standing ready to invade any arena of your life to which you will give Him access?  I can assure you He is waiting for you to shake yourself.  So, shake yourself free from that which is holding you, from the dust that may have settled on you, from the rust that may have accumulated over spans of time unused, from the vines of entanglement that entwine the mobility of your life.  Take your steps toward God and He will move in your direction.  Shake yourself to awaken to Him before you waste what He has given you.  If you will shake yourself loose from all restraints, Father will use you so shake all that is waiting to capture you.

Manna for Today – Judges 16:1-20; Romans 8:26-29; John 14:15-31