He’s Still Brooding

Just as Father and Son never change, neither does Holy Ghost.  He does what He’s always  done.

Text for Today – Genesis 1:2 – . . . and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Prophetically speaking, the term “waters,” when not referring to a specific body of water, often refers to people.  In our Text for Today, it refers to a body of life-giving potential.  Of course, we understand that life cannot exist as we know it without water.  But in this case, we read the phrase, “face of the waters.”  In that statement, there is certainly strong implication of the water representing something living, or at least the capabilities of reflecting the image of something alive.  What a beautiful prophetic image of the lost people of the world today; people lost in darkness, without light, and completely needful of light in their lives that can transform them into the reflected image of the Lord Jesus Christ.  And of course, that is the work of Holy Spirit.  In Genesis, we read that Father “breathed into man” the breath of life.  Standing face to face with the man He had made, God breathed into lifeless nostrils, and lifelessness gave way to life.  We see that picture throughout the creation story.  Something needs to be done, what needs to be touched is hidden from the light; God speaks (the entrance of His Word brings light); Holy Ghost carries out the Word God has spoken; and light and life explode onto the scene, overcoming and driving back the darkness.  In that entire scenario, Holy Ghost is like an eagle brooding over its nest, protecting, guarding, and waiting for that right moment to act.  And in the case of Holy Ghost, it was always at the speaking of our Father.

Holy Spirit is still waiting, moving, brooding today, but with a new urgency.  The end of this age is near when Jesus will come for His glorious church.  Between now and then, untold millions, perhaps billions of souls hang in the balance in darkness.  Holy Ghost is as close to every unbeliever as the air before their face.  He is brooding over the waters in their darkness.  He is waiting for something to happen.  There are more people on the planet today than at all previous historical ages combined, and the numbers are increasing.

Our work is before us.  You and I are the present light of the world.  Holy Ghost has been given by the Father as One Who is to lead us into all truth.  However, He has not been given to do our job for us.  Rather, He has been given to be our Helper.  We must win souls, being wise, productive, fruitful children.  The lost are in darkness, and Holy Ghost, moving over their faces, awaits any of them to proclaim Jesus as their Lord, believing in their heart that God has raised Him from the dead.  When brooding Holy Ghost hears that from a person’s mouth, He immediately responds by bringing about the new birth.  Every time someone is born again, it’s Genesis all over again.  But who will tell them?  I know who can.  YOU!

Manna for Today – Genesis 1:26; Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-20; John 15:8; Romans 10:6-17