Use Your Seasons Well – Summer

Different seasons require different tools and resources.  Are you ready?

Text for Today – Genesis 8:22 – While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

When discussing season,  you know that following spring is summer.  In our society, that so often means vacation time, summer school break, and longer days.  While the summer may not be quite as hectic for a farmer, it is still a time for diligence and necessary work.

With hot weather come the growth of weeds.  The farmer must work to keep the weeds out of his crops.  With hot weather comes all kinds of potential infestation in the crops, from fungal, to disease, to animal pests.  The farmer must maintain diligent oversight to recognize any of these elements, and then deal with them.  If possible, he will set in order certain preventive elements to stop infestation from every starting.

But, what of the believer?  Jesus likened the kingdom of God to a man who planted seed in a field.  That man (you) must deal with the seasonal changes just like a farmer does.  The timing, or length, of a given season may not be three months.  ;it could be much shorter, or possibly quite protracted in length.  God, Who knows the end from the beginning, knows what you will need to defeat the enemy in your life when his next attack (winter in some arena of life) comes against you.

Here is also a good time for us to understand that seasons arrive at different times in different arenas of life.  For instance, you may be in a physical springtime, a financial summertime, a fall (or harvest) domestically , and a wintertime professionally.  All your seasons don’t just flow together.  Still, you can count on God to provide you with all the time and resources necessary to make each season count for its maximum potential in your life.  how you use the time and resources is up to you, and how prepared you are personally to use them is up to you.  But even in those arenas, Holy Ghost stands ready to help you, instruct you, and guide you to absolute victory.

Once again, what about the believer?  Do you stand ready to deal with the potential infestations of the enemy that he will use in attempting to bring you to crop failure?  Do you stand ready to keep the weeds from choking your crops?  Do you stand ready to irrigate with the water of the Word when times get dry?  That’s what summer offers.  Are you ready for summer?  And remember, it is vital that you keep yourself strong in the Lord, praying in the spirit, for following summer is fall (harvest time), and fall, perhaps more than any other season, requires energy and strength to accomplish all the hard work at hand.

Manna for Today – Ecclesiastes 3:1-3; Mark 4; Isaiah 55:11; Matthew 6:10

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