Use Your Seasons Well – The Conclusion

Your state of preparation and depth of diligence will determine your outcome in every cycle of seasons.

Text for Today – Genesis 8:22 – While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

Now, we come to the conclusion, or at least a conclusion for us.  We have looked at the seasons and their relation to us and our lives.  Spring, with its refreshing warmth and early rain, breaks the grip of winter and presents time for plowing and planting.  Summer, with its heat and sun, offers great growth time, but diligence must be maintained to preserve the crop.  Fall, with its harvest rain, brings time for final ripening, and the following harvest to fill our barns (if we planted well and tended well).  Finally, winter allows us the opportunity to enjoy the harvest, rest, and be refreshed in the Lord (if we planted, tended, and harvested well).  Our own failures in spring, summer, and fall can result in a tough winter.  But due diligence can bring us through the toughest of winters without a scratch or struggle.

But now, my friend, we are approaching the end of the age.  Our Father is preparing to send Jesus for His church; that’s us.  But when Jesus comes, He is coming for a harvest far greater than we have currently seen.  Jesus said that the fields were white unto harvest.  That means there are literally multitudes ready to be brought into the kingdom of God.  How can that happen if time is so short?  Read Joel 2:23, and see the Lord saying His will pour out the early and latter rains, the planting and harvesting rains together.  That means the Lord will so compact the fruitfulness of our seasons that our lives and work in the kingdom of God will intensify, increase, and expand beyond any natural conception.

Read Amos 9:13, and be ready to rejoice!  What remains for us to do unto the coming of Jesus for His church will be so compacted and intense that the Word declares the plowman will overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes will overtake the person who plants the seed that is to bring forth the vineyard.  What does that mean?  It means INSTANT RESULTS!  The time is coming in which you will sow seed and reap an immediate harvest!  Now, that’s exciting!

Do you want to be used in that time?   I certainly do!  If you want God to use you then, prepare yourself now.  As in almost any endeavor of life, those who are prepared will be the first ones used.  The best prepared athletes make the first-string team; the best prepared business man gets the promotion; the best prepared sower has seed ready to sow, and the prepared reaper collects the first fruits harvest.  My friend, GET READY and STAY PREPRAED!

Manna for Today – Ecclesiastes 3:1-3; Mark 4; Isaiah 55:11; Matthew 6:10; Hosea 6:103; Joel 2:23; Amos 9:13