He’ll Lead You to It

God will only lead you where He has a plan for your victory already in place.

Text for Today – John 16:13 – Howbeit, when He, the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all truth . . .

How often during the passing of a day do you come to a place where you must make a choice?  Do you turn right or left?  (You may be able  to get where you’re going by turning either way.)  Do you have a soup or salad, or both?  Which brand of a particular product do you purchase?  Do you call this person or wait for her to call you?  Do you wear a suit, or shall you go casual?  And these are the decisions about which we so often give little, if any, real attention.

Then there are the more serious questions.  Which of the applicants do you hire for the new position?  Should you pursue a business (or any other kind of) relationship with a certain person?  Into which ministry shall I sow this seed?  Should you have that surgery?  Should you see a doctor about a certain situation?

These and myriads of other questions flood our minds daily.  I want you to understand today that God is personally interested in every decision you make, regardless of how small you may think it to be.  I have had occasions of driving mindlessly (yes, I said mindlessly) along.  Coming to a familiar intersection, waiting for the light, Holy Spirit would speak softly to my heart to take a different route to my destination.  When I have ignored those leadings, not only did I have to repent for not yielding, but lost time due to some circumstance I did not know I would encounter.  But Holy Ghost knew.  When I have obeyed His leadings, I have often learned later what I avoided by simply yielding to His gentle promptings.

I know, so often we read our Text for Today and reference the word “truth” to mean the truth of Scripture, but when we do, we ignore the little three-letter word that precedes the word “truth.”  That word is “all.”  Yes, He will guide us into “all” Bibilical truth, but it doesn’t stop there.  As I have already stated, our God is intimately interested in every decision we make.  If w will determine to let Him lead, He will be faithful.  When He indicates a choice we should make, and then we make that choice, life will be so much more pleasant and free from entanglements, especially in the more critical decisions of life.

Oh, and one more thing.  God will indeed lead you to valleys where battles await, or to mountaintops where temptations await.  But He will NEVER lead you to those places to train you.  If God leads you to a place where temptations or battles await, it is because He wants to work through you, His champion, to conquer the enemy and take his head.  And always know, God will NEVER lead you there unprepared or ill-equipped.

Manna for Today – Romans 8:14; Matthew 4:1

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