The Determining Factor

How much of God do you want?  Delight yourself in Him, and drink your fill.

Text for Today – Esther 1:7-8 – And they gave them drink in vessels of God, (the vessels being diverse one from another,) and royal wine in abundance, according to the state of the king.  And the drinking was according to the law; none did compel: for so the king had appointed to all the officers of his house, that they should do according to every man’s pleasure.

This is an absolutely profound passage of Scripture.  The book of Esther is a beautiful picture of Christ, His church, and the pastoral role in the church.  King Ahasuerus is a type of Christ in the story.  Please make very close not of his actions.  He gave them drink (that is a type and shadow of Holy Ghost) in vessels of gold (this represents holy people of God), and each vessel was different (this speaks to each believer’s complete uniqueness in Christ).

Note that no one was compelled to drink.,  God doesn’t force Himself or Holy Ghost on anyone, even on His own saints.  There was a law concerning the drinking (a type of the Word of God by which God works, and by which He expects us to work, too).  And finally, every man could drink according to His own pleasure.  Wow!  What an awesome truth for us to meditate upon today!

As a child of God, you are (or at least should be) a vessel of honor, sanctified and meet for the Master’s use.  In short, you should be a golden vessel.  But you are also a man or woman of God.  God has given you Royal Wine, that is, Holy Ghost and His power.  God has made available to you all of Holy Ghost you desire.  He has not predetermined that one person should receive more of Holy Ghost than another.  We are all joint-heirs of Jesus.  How much of Holy Ghost you receive is up to you.  How much do you want?  The choice is yours.

I urge you to stop at some point today, now if possible, and answer this question.  Do I have all of Holy Ghost that I desire?  If the answer is “no,” then be of good cheer.  More is available to you; in fact, all you want.  Our heavenly Father has made Holy Ghost (the Royal Wine of His Kingdom) abundantly available to all His children.  How much you have is dependent upon how much your desire.  The more of His power and presence you have in your life, the more you can do for His kingdom, and the more you will see in your life.  So, open wide, drink Him in, and don’t stop just because you think you’ve had enough.  Drink all of Him you can, and do it daily.  The party Ahasuerus gave lasted seven days.  There not space here to discuss the prophetic implications of that.  The point is, he gave them all they could drink in seven days, without limitation.  God has given the same measure into your life.  The determining factor of how much you receive is YOU.  How much do you want?  How much are you willing to consume?

Manna for Today – Acts 2:14-16; Ephesians 5:18-21

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