Trees of Righteousness

Plant it, water it properly, give it all the light you can, and reap a great harvest.


Text for Today – Isaiah 61:3 – . . . that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He might be glorified.


I have enjoyed being a student of the handiworks of God most of my life.  I am convinced that everything God created, made, and did reveals something of His nature and character, and of His plans for us as His people.  I remember talking to a man who managed a plant nursery some years ago.  He spoke of the importance of watering plants.  He indicated that, all other things being equal, perhaps the most important aspect of a plants life and ability to produce was the manner in which it was watered.  Too much or too little water, and the plan could be damaged or stunted.  Just the right amount of water was critical.

Well, for you and me, the water of our lives is the Word of God, and according to the Lord, we need it continually.  That water is the Word of God.  We are to hear it, read it, study, it, speak it, and meditate upon it.  Read about God’s armor.  It’s all Word product, and we are to wear it.  It is indeed critical to our fruitfulness.  Read Psalm 1.  There we are told that we will be planted by rivers of water so we can be fruitful in our season.  Make not mistake about it, the water of God’s Word is critical for your fruitfulness as a believer.

Not long ago, I heard the following statement from a botanist.  She said, “Because of a plant’s response to light, it is assured to blossom and produce fruit in the proper season.”  One might say, “But I thought it was all about water.”  Such a person has missed my point.  I’m not talking about the green plants of the earth, but rather about you and me, the “trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD.”  You see, Jesus, the Word made flesh, is also our Light.  Any place the Word of God enters becomes enlightened by that Word.

As a tree of righteousness, as the planting of the Lord, as a tree planted by rivers of water, your fruitfulness is tied directly to the water (the Word of God) and the light (the Word of God) you receive on a constant basis.  In Alaska, where the growing season is quite short, the size of fruits produced is astounding.  There they have discovered that it is NOT the length of the season that permits such huge fruit to be produced, but the duration of constant light.  You see, in Alaska, during the summer, there are days when darkness only lasts an hour or two, and the sun shines for 22 or 23 hours.  Part of that country are called the land of the midnight sun.  When the water is plenteous, , the light makes the difference.  How is it in your life?  The water of God’s Word is plenteous.  Are you living in the light?  Are you producing fruit?  Go, grow, and produce.

Manna for Today – Psalm 1; Psalm 119:105; Psalm 119:130; John 1; John 8; John 12:35-50