Back to Dust

There is more to be said about how long you live than most people ever imagine.  Let’s think together.

Text for Today – Genesis 2:7 – And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground . . .

God made man from the dust of the earth. That is really only fitting.  We need to understand that it was only the body that was thus made.  If you are going to live in the earth, you need and earth suit, and that is exactly what God prepared for man; a suit made from earth.  We call it a body. 

God had a high purpose for His man.  His man was to worship and fellowship with Him, to be fruitful and multiply the number of earth suits in the earth (you see, it is God Who gives the spirit), and to subdue that from which he was made; the earth.

When we read the story of the miracle of the loaves and fishes, once all the people were fed, the Lord had them take up all the fragments so that nothing would be wasted.  Our God is not a wasteful God.  He had designed into all of His creation perfect functionality, and when the elements of His creation are under His direct influence, nothing is wasted.

Your body, your earth suit, is designed to house the real you, your spirit man, and your possession, your soul.  Your body is only useful as long as you desire life.  Once you depart from your body, it lies down and returns to the dust from which it was formed.  Don’t allow that to happen prematurely in your life.

Psalm 91 says God will satisfy those who live Psalm 91 with life as long as they desire it.  What is your place and function in the earth, and in the body of Christ?  I have watched over the years as people have withdrawn from the ministry of serving others.  So often, when a person’s ministry of service to others ceases, they soon thereafter succumb to death.  Another scenario I have often witnessed here is the loss of health, so that pain and suffering burdens a person down and steals their joy of living.

If you are alive today in Christ, He has a purpose for you.  Find that purpose and fulfill it.  You may not run as fast as you once did, or last as long, or life as much, but if there is breath in you, you have  a role to fulfill in the plan and purpose of God.  Find it!  Fulfill it!  There is absolutely no reason for you to leave this world early.  Your smile, a kind word, your willingness to help others, your desire to serve; all of that can be used daily to minister to and serve others.  Keep busy for Jesus and enjoy the life He gives.  When you are satisfied with your life and what you have done for Jesus, you can elect to go be with Him.  That is what the Bible teaches, and I believe the Bible.  Don’t lay your body down until you are finished using it to please the Lord.

Manna for Today – Psalm 91; Ecclesiastes 12:7