Under the Cover of Darkness

There is no need for you to work in darkness.  Speak the Word.  Light up your work space.

Text for Today – John 3:1-2 – There was a man . . . named Nicodemus . . . the same came to Jesus by night . . .

He came by night, in the darkness, hiding behind his fears.  But after being with Jesus, though he may not have had the courage to tell other Pharisees, he would no longer hide in the darkness.   You see, the entrance of the Word brings light.  Now there were no more excuses.

That was Nicodemus.  Sadly, today, there are multitudes in his condition.  On the brightest summer noon day, they are still living in the night, hiding behind their fears in the darkness.  There are multitudes awaiting their own Nicodemus encounter.

Multitudes have waited in the past.  Almost 900 years ago, Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, invited the Christian world to send 100 educator priests to his people to tell them about Jesus and Christianity.  When the invitation was delivered, the Pope only sent two friars, and they turned back mid-journey due to their fear.  With no response from the Christian world, Kublai Khan then sent the same invitation to the Buddhists of Tibet.  They came, and today, the vast majority of the population of that part of the world still live in a Christless society.

Today, the Word of God is finally getting into that area of the world.  But what of the multitudes who still remain in darkness in our own communities, on our jobs, in our schools, and sadly, even in some churches?  For Nicodemus, Jesus was the light of the world to which he came.  Today, you are the light of the world.  Are you shining enough to provoke those in darkness to come to you?  Are you so full of the Word that wherever you go, the Word in you brings light into the darkness?  The Father God brought light in Genesis.  Jesus brought light in the Gospels.  Are you bringing light from the church into your world?  All you have to do is be who you are.  Jesus has already set your identity.  “You are the light of the world.”

Manna for Today – John 9:5; Matthew 5:13-16; Matthew 10:17-22; Isaiah 60 & 61


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