The Time of the Evening Breeze

We need to listen to God because He can show you the end before you ever start.

Text for Today – Genesis 3:8 – And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day . . .

Ah what a powerful significance this passage holds for us, especially in our time-oriented AM/PM world and lifestyle.  In our world, our days begin in the AM and end in the PM, but this was not so in the world of the Old Testament.  In the Old Testament language and lifestyle, the day began in the evening at about 6 PM and ended the next day at the same time.  In the renovation story of Genesis, each day is recorded as “the evening and the morning were the ___ day.”  With this information in hand, let’s move forward in today’s Second Miler.

As it relates to our Text for Today, let me ask you to consider the following questions.  When do you make time for the Lord in your day?  You should be ready to make time for the Lord at any moment in your day when you hear His voice.  Jesus has said He would never leave nor forsake us.  I am so thankful for that promise.  Still, there are times when He desires to say something to me that is critical to my well-being.  At those times, when I hear the “voice of the Lord God walking” in my world, I need to be attentive to listen and obey.

Still, it seems that this time of communion with His man was one of God’s Own choosing, so allow me to ask a similar question.  Are you available to the Lord at the times of His choosing?  I would pray that your answer is a resounding, “YES!”  However, let us examine the time of God’s choosing.

It was the beginning of the day.  Don’t you think it wise to have the wisdom and mind of God for the entire day, and not just part of it?  it was in the “cool of the day” that God chose to come and walk with His man.  I have discovered that if I will meet the Lord at times of His choosing, He will keep me well informed of what is coming so I don’t have to run to Him in the heat of the day.  Sure, you can call on Him at any time, and He will hear.  But wouldn’t it be marvelous to hear from Him ahead of time what you need to do on time to avoid the need of calling on Him behind time?

Let me urge you to listen for His voice, and when you hear His voice calling to you in the cool of the day, at the time of the evening breeze, before the labor of your day fully begins, respond to Him, obey Him, and maintain that wonderful sense of relationship, connection, and fellowship with Him throughout the day.

Manna for Today – Matthew 28:20; Genesis 1; Psalm 23


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