The Time of the Evening Breeze – 3

Learn how to make every day you live count for something great.  Enjoy the evening breeze.


Text for Today – Genesis3:8 – And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day . . .


This is now the third time I have written to you from this passage.  Today I want to share some thoughtful observations concerning this passage and this statement we have already examined for two days.

  1. For God, the evening was the beginning of His day.  This was “the time of the evening breeze,” and speaks to the fact that God will begin His day with a refreshing, and He’ll do it for you.
  2. Where the evening breeze is blowing, there is not only refreshing, but you are being refreshed so you can rest well.  Just imagine, when you enter into His labor, you enter into that “evening breeze” where you time in Him is called “His rest.”
  3. While our Lord is not controlled, on in any way manipulated by time, He has immaculate timing. 
  4. It seems that God’s chosen time to come on the scene is “the time of the evening breeze.”  If we will heed Him then, we may avoid much trouble for which we find ourselves calling on Him later.
  5. At “the time of the evening breeze,” God came to talk with His man.  Could it be that when God initiates the visit, He brings the cooling and refreshing of the evening breeze with Him?  Why don’t you invited Him to come at the time of His choosing?
  6. The time of His choosing will not be during or after the labor, but before the labor begins.  He early presence will always serve to make your day better than it could otherwise be.
  7. God arrives in the early evening, at “the time of the evening breeze,” in order to plan for the work that has to be done in the light.  Remember, you sleep in the night and work in the day.  God come with His plans and refreshings so you can rest tonight, rising refreshed to carry out His plans in the light.

Now take these seven observations and put them to work in your life.  You have probably made certain observations about our Text for Today in this series of Second Milers that I have not mentioned.  That’s great!  Put them to work daily in your life.  Determine to plan you work at “the time of the evening breeze.”

Manna for Today – Genesis 1:3; Isaiah 45:11; Isaiah 58; Hebrews 4:1-12


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