Question to Open, Not Close

Faith opens God’s channels to you for everything you need.  Ask the right questions.

Text for Today – Luke 1:34 – Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?

I remember as a young Christian being told it was wrong to question God.  Sadly, in those younger years as a believer, I believed what I was told.  Well, I have learned differently, and now, after more than 50 years in ministry, and more than 60 years as a Christian, I can recall questioning the Lord often, and it has always been to my benefit.  But let me explain something about questioning the Lord.

There are many questions one may ask of the Lord, but they will fall into one of two categories.  In Luke 1, Zacharias asked one kind of question that him into serious trouble.  In fact, the trouble was so great that the Lord prevented him from speaking until after the birth of his son, John.  When Zacharias was told he would be a father, his question opened the door to doubt and unbelief.  He asked how  could he know he was really hearing from the Lord (How can I know this?).  Questions that open the door to doubt and unbelief will not be answered by the Lord.  Such questions themselves, being questions of doubt, are outside the realm of faith, and being such, cannot please the Lord.  Hence, He will not answer such a question.

On the other hand, Mary’s question did not open the door to doubt and unbelief, though it did open a door.  The door Mary’s question opened was a door to faith and possibility.  Her question did not doubt God’s ability, or the fact that it was God’s Word coming to her.  Mary’s question was one of “how.”  She was a virgin, and knew such a thing as a virgin giving birth could only happen by the hand of God.  She believed it was the Lord’s Word, and she believed it was possible.  She simply wanted to know HOW.  Her question opened the door to faith and possibility in the angel’s response.  The angel responded by telling her how it would happen.  Holy Ghost would come upon her, and the glory of the Lord would overshadow her.  She asked a question that was answered by the Word.  Having faith in that Word, she said, “According to your word, so be it unto me.”  Her question opened the door for an answer that built faith in the possibility of the impossible.

Make a note here.  The questions you ask of God will do one or the other.  Never doubt God; that’s sin.  Always believe God, but never be afraid to ask Him how a thing can happen.  His response will be according to the Word, and that will build faith in you to receive the impossible into the realm of the possible.  Before asking any question of God, always ask yourself if this question genders doubt, or does it raise possibilities?  Only ask the questions that raise possibilities.

Manna for Today – Luke 1:18; Exodus 3:14; Isaiah 45:11; Isaiah 55:11


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