Peel Your Onion

So many dreams, visions, and plans from Father are simply waiting to be revealed.

Text for Today – Isaiah 28:10 – For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line; line upon line; here a little, and there a little.

Pout a couple of large, sweet cooking onions on the countertop in your kitchen and leave them overnight.  Tomorrow morning, upon entering your kitchen, you will smell those onions, but the smell won’t be too strong.  Then in the evening, take those onions to the sink and with a sharp knife, remove the dead outer layers of onion skin until you reach the savory, edible portion of that onion.  Now cut into that onion to its core and begin to prepare it as part of a meal.  In a few moments, your eyes will begin to sting, and tears will begin to flow, and it will move you.

In the heart and mind of God’s people exist the greatest ideas and inventions the world will ever know.  There is no way the New Covenant can come to a close with the wealthiest, wisest, and strongest men of God ever known living only in the Old Covenant.  The New Covenant is a better covenant, and as such, holds better things; far more glorious things for God’s people.

Those dreams, ideas, visions, plans, and divine schemes in the minds of God’s people are like onions unpeeled.  People know they have a dream or an idea, but it is not moving anyone.  But when the idea is peeled of its dry, useless outer layers that keep it from rotting, and the fresh, potent inner core is revealed, things begin to change.  Then when that idea is pierced to is core, and reduced to parts useable by the whole, something happens that begins to move people, and new, bigger, better, more powerful things begin to manifest.

For you, my brother and sister, the peeling and slicing process will occur in the presence of others of life precious faith, who ask questions that open doors of possibility (not doubt and unbelief), and who will encourage you, and even work with you to release the power of your dream, vision, or idea for the glory of God and the good of His people.  It is not likely that this will happen on your own since none of us lives or dies to himself.

So, what is your dream, vision, or idea?  Find someone who knows how to believe God and share it with them.  Let them share with you as well.  Allow time for it to unfold, be fully peeled, and revealed.  Slice with attention to precision, using the Sword of the Spirit, the only cutting instrument sharp enough to not damage any of the onion (the dream).  Let your dream, vision, or idea move you, to tears if necessary, and most of all, let it move you.

Manna for Today – Matthew 18:19-20; Luke 1:37; Proverbs 19:18