The Lord’s Prayer Outline – Part Five

Outlines are like blueprints.  You can’t live in a blueprint.  You must build it.


Text for Today – Matthew 6:9 – After this manner therefor pray ye . . .


GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD” – Here in one petitioning statement is an extremely wide- ranging set of needs.  Knowing that God knows your heart, and that He knows what you need before you ask Him for it, it would seem that understanding the extreme broadness of this petition would be quite valuable to the petitioner.

First, notice that this is a daily petition.  Just like the children of Israel who had to gather manna daily (except for the Sabbath), or it would rot before the next day, here is the need of the believer to ask and receive on a daily basis for that which is needed daily (Today, ask for today’s supply).  And note, too, it’s not just for self. Once again, we see the word “OUR.”  This is not only a petition for your own need, but also the needs of others to whom you can minister.  But what is “BREAD?”  “BREAD” is . . .

. . . your daily food your physical body needs.  Here’s a thought.  If we only ate that for which we could believe God, I wonder how many believers would have weight problems?  Still, please note that this is a daily petition.

. . . your healing as it belongs to the child of God.  Jesus told the Syrophoenician woman that He should not give the children’s bread (healing) to the dogs (unbelievers).  You see, children eat at the table.

. . . your finance as it is known in the vernacular of our day.  Since God knows the “end from the beginning,” I am sure He knew in advance how our language would develop.  Believe me when I say that God understands your heart, regardless of the language you speak.

. . . revelation knowledge of the Word of God, the Bread of Life.  Jesus said He was the Bread of Life, and at that point He was not talking about biscuits and cornbread.  He was speaking very clearly about the living Word of God, the Bread of Life that proceeds from the mouth of the Father.

. . . the mind of God for you each day; what God wants you to do.  At the well of Samaria, Jesus said “His meat” was “to do the will of the Father.”  He was talking about spiritual food that sustains the whole being, and this is still the “Bread of Life.”

Manna for Today – Psalm 37:25; Mark 7:24-27; John 4:34; Matthew 6:24-34


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