Wisdom Cries Out!

Let me introduce you to a lady of the finest order.  Get to know her, and that well.


Text for Today – Proverbs 1:20 – Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets . . .


Let me introduce you to Wisdom.  For the sake of this introduction, I will recognize Wisdom according to the first five chapters of Proverbs.  There we find Wisdom, the Wisdom of God, as feminine in nomenclature.  She (Wisdom) is not hesitant to call out to those who need counsel and instruction.  She longs to pour Herself on you for the great benefits She bears with Herself.  She is stored up for the upright.  She causes discretion to preserve you, and understanding to keep you, that you can be kept safe from evil ways.  Wisdom will bring you to true happiness.  Her proceeds are better than the profits of silver and gold, and She is more precious than rubies.  Nothing you can desire can be compared to Her.  All Her ways are pleasant and full of peace.  She adds life and grace to you, and makes your paths sure, frees you from fear, and makes your sleep sweet.  She will preserve you, and if you love HerShe will keep you.  Exalt Her and She will promote you, bringing you honor when you embrace Her.  And as a reference, God used Her to found and establish His creation.  Knowing Her, marry yourself to Her.

But be warned.  There is another voice that calls out for you, too.  This is the voice of the wisdom of the world.  She is enticing as a honeycomb, and her words are smooth in coming forth in an effort to deceive that simple.  Her ways are moveable and unsure, and her folly leads astray those who turn aside to her.  She lays in wait for blood, looking for the innocent, leading them and running with them to evil.  She hates knowledge and those who follow it.  Her way is a way of destruction, a trap that causes a cutting off and a rooting out of those deceived by her.  She is a harlot; stay away from her.

Once again, read the words, “Wisdom crieth out; she uttereth her voice in the streets.”  As you can readily see, Wisdom is referred to by Holy Ghost (the inspiring Author of the Word) as feminine.  The Wisdom of God is referenced as a WIFE, a SPOUSE, and She speaks the Word of God.  The wisdom of the world, likewise referenced as feminine, is call a HARLOT, a PROSTITUTE, and her words entice you away from the Word of God (Wisdom), sounding sweet and smooth, yet ending in death and destruction.

So, my friend, stay true to the Wisdom of God.  Let Her be the blessing in your life for a lifetime as She should be; as God intends Her to be.

Manna for Today – Proverbs 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

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