Missionaries All

Accept your role as a God-sent missionary.  There’s work to do.

Text for Today – Mark 16:15 – And He said unto them, God ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Jesus has commanded that we are al to be witnesses; that is, someone giving irrefutable proof of the truth of His Word and Kingdom.  The Greek word from which we derive the term “witness,” is “marturos, or “martyr.”  In our modern world, martyr has taken on the meaning of one who has died for his faith or belief, but its original meaning was one who gives irrefutable  proof.  While losing one’s life may show proof of one’s belief in a natural, visible earthly kingdom, the kingdom of God requires more than dying.  It requires living.

If we are to truly give the irrefutable proof of the kingdom of God, we must live to do so.  Whether you travel to the foreign countries of the world, or through the gate of your neighbor’s yard, you are commanded to be a witness.  Being commanded to be a witness means you are on a mission from God.

I once heard from a missionary to Africa that there are presently over two billion people who have not had an adequate witness of Christ.  I believe there are more, many more, and that we have multitudes of them living in our own communities.  Oh, they’ve heard about Jesus, but have never seen a true manifestation of His power and love.  That being true, have we truly been witnesses?

My prayer for you today is that we can truly  be the witnesses our Lord said we should be.  May we be the needed missionaries, not only to the far reaches of our globe, but to Main Street in AnytownUSA where we presently reside.  May we be true witnesses in our home, on our street, on our job, in our school shopping in our stores, and socializing in every venue we enter.  May we be active missionaries-in-residence right where we live today.

Manna for Today – Mark 16:1-20; Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8