Meet Tomorrow

Focus on planting every day.  Your harvest WILL come.  It’s the LAW.


Text for Today – Exodus 19:10 – And the LORD said unto Moses, Go unto the people, and sanctify them today and tomorrow


In His Sermon On the Mount, Jesus said, “Take no thought for tomorrow.”  When He said it, He was speaking about the necessities of life, food, clothes, and shelter.  He was emphasizing that our work for today was sufficient enough to keep us occupied rather than worrying about the unknowns of tomorrow.  He was NOT saying we should not make plans for tomorrow, but that we should not worry, or be fretful, about tomorrow.  The simple fact of life is this.  If you deal with today properly and adequately, you will have done your day’s work. 

Paul the Apostle also writes us saying we should “be careful for nothing.”  The word careful” is from the Greek word which means to be anxious for, worried about, or fretful over.  Every person on the planet faces multiple choices daily of whether to be anxious, fretful, or worried.  Whether one succumbs is a personal choice one makes at each intersection where these deceiving imposters meet us.  And they are truly deceivers, doing their best to impress themselves upon us as legitimate concerns for various situations or people we will encounter.  Remember, the Lord has commanded that we do NOT fall prey to them.

One of the greatest causes of worry about tomorrow is being concerned about what tomorrow holds for you.  Not knowing what tomorrow holds can grip one’s heart and mind with fear.  However, for the believer, this ought not be so.  It is NOT what tomorrow holds for you that counts nearly as much as what you bring to tomorrow.  Think about it like this.  Tomorrow, you will need food (fruit) to eat.  Don’t worry about it, but do take action.  Plant something today.  By bringing to tomorrow the fact that you planted good seed in good ground today, you prepare tomorrow to be a day of harvest, NOT a day of worry.

Live today as your Lord commands.  Do all you do in His Name, and do it with all your might unto Him.  Honor your Lord by doing all you do to His glory, and in so doing, love Him totally; heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Once again I remind you that what tomorrow holds for you is not nearly as important as what you bring to tomorrow.  By planting well today, you bring profitable harvest to tomorrow.  If tomorrow holds hunger, but you bring fruit, you win.  If tomorrow holds sickness, but you bring the fruit of health, you win.  If tomorrow hold defeat, but you bring the fruit of victory, you win.  So, don’t worry about what tomorrow holds for you.  Be a WISE DOER OF THE WORD, and bring to tomorrow all you need for victory.  Now, go meet tomorrow!

Manna for Today – Matthew 6:25-34; Philippians 4:4-9


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