The Days of Noah

It’s the days of Noah, only greater, and with a much larger Ark.

Text for Today – Matthew 24:37 –  But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

According to the Scriptures, how was it in the days of Noah?  The people were feasting and partying, eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.  Oh yes!  That’s today, too!  We are living in a party-all-the-time world, and we know marrying and giving in marriage has almost become a national past-time.  Just take a look at divorce rates.

There were giants in the earth in Noah’s day.  Oh yes!  That’s today, too!  No, we may not be speaking of giant humans, but the giants are among us.  Giant government, giant business, giant industry, giant education, giant party mindset, giant recreational activities, giant politics, and so much more.  And each of these giants expects every human to bow to their size, strength, and pressures.

The hearts of men were continually intent on doing evil.  Oh, yes!  That’s today, too!  All anyone needs to do is watch the new or read a newspaper.  Our world is filled to overflowing with the corruption of evil and evil forces today.

And the earth was filled with violence.  Oh, yes!  That’s today, too!  The proliferation of violence in the earth today would make the days of Noah look like a Sunday school picnic.  Not only has the population been greatly increased, but the weapons used for violence have increased in number and have been magnified in their destructive capabilities through what is currently called weapons of mass destruction.  And, yes, they do indeed exist.

But other things were true, too, and deserve more of our attention.  There was a Noah, a preacher of righteousness who refused to give up, regardless of the few numbers of salvations he encountered.  He was a family man, an ark builder, an obedient man of God, building and proclaiming a way out of the destruction to come.  And, oh yes!  That’s today, too!  We still have preachers of righteousness who refuse to back away from the call of God on their lives.

Be aware of the condition of the world about you, but do not be dismayed by it.  Rather, be even more aware as a believer that the world may see you, and in fact, need you as a Noah.  Don’t stop now!  Build that ark.  You see, there’s something else we need to mention.  God waited on Noah while he was faithfully building and preparing the ark.  God is still waiting on His faithful Noah’s today as they faithfully build and prepare the ark for those who will be saved.

Manna for Today – 1 Peter 3:20; Luke 17:26