A New Beginning – An Anniversary

Thank God for new beginnings with a guaranteed future without end.

Text for Today – 2 Corinthians 5:17 – Therefore if any man be in Christ, He is a new creature:  old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

It was on June 17, 1959, that an event took place that completely transformed my life, and subsequently has brought about the transformation of many more lives.  In the small rural town of Pinnacle, North Carolina, I was born again.  I became a new creature in Christ.  It was a pleasant Wednesday evening when a Native-American pastor gave a simple salvation message in a small church that a ten-year old boy’s life was changed forever.  Jesus became Lord in my life, and I was forever changed.  Today, He is still my Lord, and on that date each year I celebrate that night and the people who brought me to it.

Since that moment in time, Jesus, my Lord, has been my Teacher, Leader, Provider, Healer, Financier, Brother, and Friend.  All of those identities are part of the salvation He daily provides; the new birth, renewing of the mind, healing and health for my body, deliverance from every temporal evil, and the complete provision of every need in my life.  Since that day of cleansing, He has helped me remain that way by His blood and His Word.  He has restored my health more times that I can recall.  He has delivered me from so many evils that it would boggle one’s imagination.  He has filled me with His Holy Spirit, set me in the five-fold ministry as it has pleased Him, and at this point has given me more than five decades of successful, supernatural ministry.  I have ministered in many nations around the world to untold numbers of people, leading to the salvation, Holy Ghost filling, healing, and miraculous tin the lives of more than I can number.  I have witnessed through my ministry blind eyes being opened, deaf ears unstopped, cripples walking, demons overcome and cast out, the loosing of mute tongues, and the raising of the dead on at least three occasions.  For that I am eternally grateful, deeply humbled, and forever ready to give honor and glory to my Lord.

In all that, perhaps the most glorious thing He allows me to do is to be a trusted minister of His Word, trusting me to with His truth in sharing it with so many people for whom Jesus suffered and died.  I daily pray that I will only do those things that please Him, and never anything that would dishonor and bring shame upon Him, His Word, His ministry, His Church, or His kingdom.

The actual date of my coming to Jesus may not be important at all in the greater scheme of things, but it is of keen importance to me.  I rejoice in knowing that daily He is using me to touch and impact the lives of Christians and sinners alike.  Jesus will come, soon I believe, for His glorious church.  But until then, as one songwriter penned, “My heart will go on singing, and with joy I’ll carry on.”   I am honored to be busy in His behalf.  Celebrate with me by allowing Him to use you to mightily impact your world today. 

Manna for Today – John 3:16; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21; Romans 10:6-17


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