He Hasn’t Forgotten

Thank God He searches for the lost, but He is never unfaithful to those who remain in the fold.

Text for Today – Luke 15:4 – What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after than which was lost, until he find it?

Here is a story I’m sure you know well.  Jesus tells of a man who has 100 sheep, and when one goes astray, he leaves the 99 and goes in search of the one that is lost.  In the same chapter from which our Text for Today is taken, we see the story of the prodigal son, as well as the story of the woman who loses a precious coin in her house.  In all three stories, Jesus indicates that something very precious goes missing, and that in every case, all diligence is exercised to find it, or be ready for its return, trusting that it will indeed be returned.

But today, it is not the lost sheep, the lost coin, or the prodigal son that is the focus of my thinking.  Rather, it is the 99 sheep that remained in the fold, the coins that were not lost, and the son (brother to the prodigal) who did not leave.

You can count on the fact that the shepherd, through searching diligently for the sheep that was lost, never forgot those left safely behind.  The entire time the shepherd searched, those he left behind were fed, watered, protected, and well-tended.  It is likewise a certainty that when the woman of the house discovered a coin missing, that she did all that was necessary to secure the safe-keeping of the remaining coins.  You can rest equally assured that the brother of the prodigal, though he grumbled about the treatment of his returning brother, had never been out of the mind of that father.  While the father was out daily, looking for the return of his errant son, I am sure he was likewise daily thankful for the one that remained safely at home.

To confirm this thought, examine the words of the prodigal’s father when the son who stayed home grumbled.  The father did not become gruff or harsh, but simply reminded his elder son that all the father possessed was daily available to the elder son, for him to enjoy it as he would.

So, today, if you’re away from the Lord, come home now.  He’s patiently waiting and looking for your return, searching where He can find you, always closer than you could imagine.  If you’ve remained faithful, rejoice today for all the blessings that are yours.  Yes, He is faithfully looking for the return of those who have strayed and become lost, but He has not forgotten you and your labor of love, nor will He.

Manna for Today – Luke 15

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