It Ought To Be So

While God’s will is often thwarted by unbelief, let it not be so in your life.

Text for Today – Luke 13:16 – And ought not this woman, being the daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond . . .

Look closely at the Words of Jesus, and see their import.  According to these Words from our Messiah’s lips, He thought it not only acceptable, but the heart’s desire of the Father that anyone who was a seed of Abraham should be loosed from any binding, impeding, crippling, dominating, or oppressing spirit.  The woman in question had been bound by a spirit of infirmity for eighteen years.  But Jesus said, she OUGHT to be loosed.

What about you today?  Is there anything binding you or holding you back?  Is sickness preventing you in any way from serving God and living your life to its fullest?  Are financial situations, debt, or lack of financial supply preventing you from abounding to every good work?  Are ties to people binding and oppressing you, preventing you from serving God fully and freely?  Are there habits or memories that cling to you like beggar’s lice, defying your own ability to break free from them?

Well, it makes no difference how long you have been held captive by any of them.  It makes no difference how you fell prey to them.  It makes no difference  how many of them seem to be hung around your existence.  It makes no difference how many of them have infested your life.  If you are the seed of Abraham, then in the mind of God, you OUGHT to be loosed.

Right now, in the Name of Jesus, put your faith to work.  I join my faith to you in the Name of Jesus that you might walk free from any and every spirit that has tried to control, hinder, bind, overtake, or otherwise infiltrate your life, or any part of your life.  in the Name of Jesus, RIGHT NOW, walk free.  Rebuke whatever it is that has had you bound or hindered.  Lay hands on yourself, and say to yourself, “Child of God, (call yourself by your name), you are loosed from this spirit in Jesus’ Name!”

Now, stand up straight, and having done all to stand, stand; today and forevermore, in the power of His might, in His mighty Name!

Manna for Today – Galatians 3:13-29; 3 John 2


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