How’s Your Ground?

Do you take care of your body?  Tend you spirit more, for out of it are all the issues of life.

Text for Today – Mark 4:4-8 – . . . same fell by the wayside . . . and some fell on stony ground . . . and some fell among thorns . . . and other fell on good ground.

A common greeting today is, “How are you doing?”  Perhaps a more accurate greeting mindful of spiritual truth would be, “How’s your ground?”  How I am doing can be dramatically impacted by the condition of my heart for receiving the Word of God.  The more prepared my spirit man, the better the resulting condition of my whole person, if of course, I am receiving the seed of God’s Word on a frequent and regular basis.  So, how’s your ground?

Your spirit man, alive unto God and hungry for the Word, does not have to be “the wayside.”  You can prevent the enemy from stealing the Word from you as soon as it is sown.  You don’t have to be “stony ground” either.  When the Word is sown, receive it with gladness, and then maintain a vigorous daily prayer life to keep your spirit soft to the Lord, thus allowing the Word to take deep root in your spirit.  Neither must you remain a repository for seed “among thorns.”  Daily, and even moment by moment when necessary, cast all your care on the Lord, realize your source for all you need is the Lord and not the world, and set your affections on things above.  By doing so, no thorns can enter into your spirit man and choke the Word in your heart, causing it to become unfruitful.

Doing these things daily, making and maintaining the preparations, you will be “good ground” for receiving the highly profitable Word of God that brings forth faith, light, healing, health, provision, prosperity, deliverance, and all you need in your life.  Jesus said when His Word is sown on the good ground of a properly prepared spirit, it would bring forth 30-fold, 60-fold, and 100-fold.  That’s prosperity in its truest sense.  Prepare your heart daily to receive as much of the Word of God as you can get.  Remember, the Word that comes from the Lord’s mouth will not fail to prosper, and will accomplish all God sends it to do.  That’s His promise to you, His covenant child.  So, how’s your ground today?