Go On to Nineveh

God has called, assigned, anointed, and equipped you for His divine purpose.  Obey!

Text for Today – Jonah 1:1 – Now the word of the LORD came unto Jonah the son of Amittai, saying . . .

You know the story. God called, Jonah heard, Jonah fled, and Jonah went down; down to Joppa, down into a ship; down into the sea, down into a great fish.  Finally, Jonah repented and obeyed the Lord in going to Nineveh to deliver God’s message to the city of Nineveh. 

Now let’s turn to you.  What is it that God requires of you that you don’t want to do?  What does God require of you that you find so impossible, so uncomfortable, that you run from it?  Jonah’s problem was one of race, and possible acceptance.  Jonah was of the seed of Abraham, and as such saw the Ninevites as people of a race unacceptable to himself.  What would he have to do with these uncircumcised heathens, these Gentiles?

So, what’s your problem with being obedient?  Whatever it is, get over it NOW!  Stop your running from God’s will NOW!  Turn around, NOW!  Repent NOW!  Determine to obey God NOW!  And at least, begin the journey to obedient fulfillment NOW!  You are too close to the coming of Jesus for His church to be disobedient, rebellious, and stubborn.  Souls are hanging in the balance while you hesitate.  There are good works with your name written on them going undone daily while you choose to go your way, and not God’s. 

Your personal Nineveh can be one or more of any number of things.  Is God calling you to join or begin a prayer ministry?  Is He calling you to serve in the nursery in your church?  Is He calling you to prepare yourself and enter into the five-fold ministry?  Is He calling you to go across the street and witness to your neighbor, telling him about the love of Jesus, or His healing power? 

The point is this. Your point of obedience is your Nineveh.  Go there, and start your journey NOW!  Someone is waiting for you to deliver God’s message to them, regardless of its form.  They are waiting to hear that God knows about them and cares for them; that Jesus died for them and wants to save them.  Your obedience will impact multitudes in the valley of decision.  Those who need you are waiting for you there, and so is the power of God.

Manna for Today – 1 John 5:3; John 14:15-17; 1 Samuel 15:22