The Highest Reality

God’s Word is the highest possible level of reality.  Learn it, believe it, hold fast to it.  It will never fail.

Text for Today – Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I remember from my early days in school learning to use terms at three levels of comparison; such as great, greater, greatest.  Today, I would like to apply that thinking to the word reality.  There it would be real, more real, and most real, or for our discussion, high realityhigher realityhighest reality.

You have perhaps heard it said, and truthfully so, that it really isn’t what happens to you that determines your outcome in life, but rather how you perceive what happens to you.  When you face a difficult battle, you can see it as an insurmountable obstacle, or as an obstacle that will simply take more effort to conquer.  How you take it will largely depend on your view of current reality.

The accurately diagnosed presence of sickness or disease in your body is a fact, and it is a fact that you should not overlook or ignore.  It is a high reality that demands your attention, as well it should.  It is a high reality with which you must deal realistically.  But at which level of reality will you deal with it?

Suppose the diagnosis is cancer.  That term, cancer, may strike such fear in your thinking that the perception is worse than the fact.  For instance, it could be a non-malignant skin pre-cancer that can be simply frozen from your body in the doctor’s office.  Still, the term cancer carries with it all sorts of horrible visual images that are grand breeding grounds for fear.  If that happens, then the reality level in your mind can become a higher reality than what is in your flesh.

But do not fret, dear believer, there is yet another level to which you can rise.  It is the level of highest reality.  This is beyond the reality of fact or perception.  You see, both fact and perception can change, but the highest reality level of truth NEVER changes.  It is unalterable and immutable.  It is the Word of God.  The doctor can factually say you have cancer.  That is high reality.  Your soulish perception can breed such fear that death tries to come in that smoke screen to take your life.  That is higher reality.  But the Word of God declares, “By His stripes you were healed.”  Do you believe God’s Word above all else?  If you do, then His Word becomes your highest reality,  justifying you by its absolute truth that can never lie.

Manna for Today – Romans 4:13-25; 2 Corinthians 4; Galatians 3:13-29; Romans 3:4