Take It Back

If it belongs to you, Satan has NO RIGHT to it.  TAKE IT BACK!

Text for Today – Matthew 11:12 – And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

When Lot was taken prisoner by warring kings, Abraham armed the trained servants of his household and went to Lot’s rescue, delivering him and his possessions from the hands of the marauding kings.  He took back what the enemy had stolen.  When the Philistines came against Judah, and the men of Judah came to the rock at Etam to get Samson, Samson went with them to Lehi and won a great victory for the children of God.  He defeated and enemy that had stolen their peace.  He took back what the enemy had stolen.  When David’s family and possessions were taken from Ziklag by the enemy, David led his men against them, and recaptured his family and their possessions.  He took back what the enemy had stolen.

Abraham is the father of our faith, Samson was a champion of Israel, and David was a man after God’s Own heart.  All of these mens’ exploits are but simple previews of what was to come.  Adam lost all the Father had given him.  It then took our Father God 4,000 years to get enough Word into the earth to get Jesus here, but He succeeded.  And when Jesus had ended His work, He had TAKEN BACK all the enemy had stolen, and restored it to His people for the church. 

What has the enemy stolen from you?  Health, provision, family, business, peace, joy?  It’s time to gird yourself with the armor of God and take it back.  You have the authority in Jesus’ Name, and the ability by His Word and His Spirit.  If you believe, all things are possible for you, for with God, nothing shall be impossible.  Just remember, don’t go onto the enemy’s turf as a sight-seer; go as a soldier, armed and ready for battle.  And when you discover what the enemy has taken from you, use your faith, and the sword of the Spirit, and TAKE IT BACK!

Manna for Today – Matthew 8:17; Joel 2:18-32; Habakkuk 3:12-13