Help Them Walk

Someone you know needs you to help them stand steady until they are strong enough to stand.


Text for Today – Romans 15:1 – We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.


A loving grandmother brought her seven-year old grandson to the meeting.  He had never walked.  His legs were locked at the knees with his heels being pressed against the back of his thighs.  The soles of his shoes looked like new, but there were holes in the toes from his crawling about on calloused knees. 

I set him on the communion table, prayed, and commanded his legs to be loosed in Jesus’ Name.  Immediately they fell loose.  He was amazed and wanted down.  I helped him off the table to his feet, but as soon as I released him, he crumbled to the floor. 

I lifted him up, and asked the Lord what I had missed.  The Lord spoke very clearly to my heart, “What you commanded has happened.  His legs are loosed.  But he needs to learn to walk.  Help him stand and I’ll teach him to walk.”  I obeyed, and within seconds, that little boy was strengthened in his legs and stood, then walked, and quickly ran.  What a celebration was had in the Lord by all who were in attendance.

I have witnessed a similar scenario many times, sometimes in the physical realm in a healing or miracle, but perhaps more often in the unseen spiritual arena for a newborn babe in Christ, or a newly delivered believer who has known the Lord for years, but walked in ignorance or unbelief.  In so many cases, I see people whom the Lord has wonderfully touched, still need more.  As believers, we must not fall back into doubt or unbelief, or allow the past tales of tradition to rob people of the miracles and power of God because we don’t see a COMPLETE manifestation immediately. 

Abraham had to hold on to his confession of faith for a year or more before Isaac was born.  Joshua and Caleb had to hold to their profession of faith for 40 years.  Methuselah had to hold on to his profession of faith for 969 years.  And God had to hold on to His for over 4,000 years.  We should have no complaints if we have to hold on to our own, or help someone else hold to theirs for any length of time.  Whether we are helping a person to walk, or helping them to stand in faith for a wayward child, or stand with a wife whose husband is in military combat, we that are strong are to help those who are weak to bear their infirmities until they stand on their own.

Manna for Today – Romans 14:1; Romans 15; 1 Thessalonians 5:14; Matthew 18:19-20;     Deuteronomy 32:30


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