Honor the Servant

Is it possible that many in the Church have forgotten, or never learned, how to demonstrate true honor?


John 12:2a – There they made him a supper . . . . .


It would be good if the church did those things that attracts Father’s attention in positive ways.  One of those things is giving honor to whom honor is due; children to parents, citizens to them who have authority, students to teachers, and followers to leaders.  But there is one arena that I believe is too often viewed from a wrong perspective.  While those who have authority over us, especially in the Lord, should be honored, too often honor is shown only from the direction of those UNDER authority to those IN authority.  But Jesus had a perspective of these leaders that is too often overlooked.  Jesus called those in authority “servants.”

Our Text for Today is a foreshadowing of such action.  Jesus, the Son of God, had come to earth, not to rule as a king, but to minister to the people as a servant.  Jesus taught that the person who would be a ruler must first show him/herself as a servant.  And that is what Jesus did.  When someone called in faith, Jesus would come.  When someone approached Him in faith, He would stop, if need be, to hear them.  In fact, He was such a servant that He would even take the time to provoke a person to faith so He could serve them to a greater degree.  We see this with the Syrophoenician woman.  My point here is simple.  Jesus focused on the “S” in His ministry – SEEKSAVESERVE.

The “supper” that Lazarus, Martha, and Mary made for Jesus was not a “roast” affair.  It was not a birthday celebration, nor was it intended to recognize His great accomplishments, though He had many.  One of those accomplishments was the raising of Lazarus from the dead.  But this dinner was not a celebration of those events.  This was a supper to demonstrate love, devotion, and appreciation for the One Who had served them in so many ways.

Now is not the time for the servant to be exalted and cease his/her work.  On the contrary, it is time for the servant to do more than ever.  It is time for the servant to fulfill the call and sending of God on his/her life.  But at the same time, the church should learn how to show honor to whom honor is due in a Biblical manner.  When we honor true men and women of God, we will never regret it, for we are giving a drink of water, offering a window of opportunity to be blessed for service, to the “prophet.”  And when we do, we shall receive the prophet’s reward.  Let us honor the servant.  It opens the door for blessings from Father, and establishes a pattern that opens heaven in the Church and its ministry. 

Manna for Today – John 12:1-8; Romans 13:7; Matthew 10:40-42


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