Brighter Than the World

Here is the key to shining as brightly as you possibly can.  Use it, and use it well.

Text for Today – Psalm 119:98-100 – Though, through Thy Commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies:  for they are ever with me.  I have more understanding than all my teachers: for Thy Testimonies are my meditation.  I understand more than the ancients, because I keep Thy Precepts.

People who will be successful in today’s world must be sharp in so many ways; physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.  Being sharp in some of these areas may help you be above average, but just being above average simply won’t be enough to get to the top and stay there.  One must become that remain brighter than the world.  But how can you do this when Jesus Himself said, “The children of this world are in their generation, wiser than the children of light.”?  The answer in in our Text for Today.

By constantly keeping His Commandments (the Word) with you and obeying them, He will make you wiser than your enemies.  And if you are wiser than your enemies, you can overcome them.  By meditating upon His Testimonies (the Word), He will give you more understanding than your teachers.  If you understand more than your teachers, you will find that truly smart people will want you around them, and will pay you for the privilege.  By keeping His Precepts (the Word), He will give you more understanding than your elders and those to whom the world has traditionally looked for wisdom.  If you understand more than your elders (those who have traditionally given their wisdom to the world), the world will eventually come to you, and once again, they will pay for the privilege.

Let me encourage you to get all the education you can, learn all you can, and gain all the true knowledge you can, but never, Never, NEVER allow any of it to take the place of the Word of God.  It is the Gospel of Christ (the Word) that is the very power of God released into the earth.  Keep it continually in your heart, and keep refreshing it daily in your spirit.  Trust God and believe His Word.  The Word will never fail.  God will always fulfill His Word, hastening over it to perform it.

Manna for Today – John 8:31-32; Psalm 119:105; Joshua 1:8; Proverbs 4:20-23; Proverbs 6:20-22; Luke 16:8; Romans 1:16; Jeremiah 1:12

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